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Electronic Vs Digital Ballasts

Electronic ballasts are not the same as Digital Ballasts. Both ballasts share similar components but the electronic ballast does not have a brain. The electronic ballasts, Future Brite, Lumatek (the list goes on) regulate output voltage and current based upon fixed parameters, where the digital ballasts such as the Life Light Technologies Solar E-Ballast has a microprocessor that controls the output to the bulb. The Digital ballasts also communicate with the bulbs and report their health, a feature the electronic ballasts wish they had.

So what difference does a microprocessor make? It makes a fair amount of difference. Digital ballasts won't attempt to light a bulb if it senses a failure. Digital ballasts are continually monitoring and checking the input and output voltage and current to maximize bulb life, color and illumination (brightness).

I hope this clears up the difference between Digital Ballasts and Electronic ballasts. Digital Ballasts are electronic ballasts on steroids. And the difference can be seen!