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Hydroponics FAQ

Hydroponics or hydroponic gardening refers to specialized equipment used to grow plants without soil under plant grow lights. Hydroponics in Greek translates to Hydro = Water and Ponos = Work. Hydroponics literally means "Water Works". Hydroponic indoor flower gardening is a fun, safe hobby for the whole family. Indoor flower gardening and more especially, hydroponics can be used in adaptive gardens for all ages. The ancient Babylonians found hydroponics to be extremely helpful for their growing conditions.

Hydroponics systems for indoor flower gardening @ Horizen Hydroponics. Hydroponics is Hydroponics has been used for centuries by ancient cultures. However, more recently in green houses have cropped up through out the world. If managed properly hydroponic systems can out produce soil grown plants. Hydroponic growers enjoy fresh produce year round. Hydroponic indoor gardening allows you to grow a larger plant in a smaller area without the worry of weeds, pests and other soil concerns.

 Horizen Hydroponics sells hydroponic supplies in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Byron Center and Lansing Michigan. Hydroponics systems come in many different varieties. There are ebb and flow, N.F.T., Aeroponic, Drip and passive. Hydroponics systems generally operate through the use of a submersible pump and timer. In most hydroponic systems utilize plant grow lights to stimulate plant growth.

Plant grow lights come in high pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, with or without digital ballasts. The kelvin temperature indicates the color of the bulb. The lower the number the warmer or more orange the bulb's color. The higher the K value the cooler or blue the bulb emits. The cooler bulbs used in indoor flower gardening is used for vegetative growth and the warmer color bulbs are used for flower production in hydroponics.

hydroponic equipment allows for indoor flower gardening and organic gardening. Organic fertilizer can be used in hydroponics. Some people choose to use hydroponic nutrients instead of organic fertilizers.