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Sanitize your Equipment!

It is best to sanitize all of your equipment before every season. This will guarantee that your system is free from bacteria, mold and any other contaminants.

Always, always, always, I can not STRESS enough, wipe your bulb done with rubbing alcohol thoroughly after any time you touch it and/or before your fire it up for the first time. The oil in your skin can cause the glass of the bulb to heat up more in one spot and it may shatter. If not it will dramatically reduce the life of your bulb. Also make sure that it is completely dry before ignition. (This is similar to halogen lights on cars.) :)

A general cleaning solution that can be used on tubs, Hydroton (expanded clay pellet), and anything else that comes into contact with your plant is a 10% bleach solution or now more widely recommended WHITE VINEGAR.

1 part bleach or white vinegar with 10 parts water.
1 cup of bleach or white vinegar to 10 cups of water.

Make sure to triple rinse everything with water before using it. If you are going to clean it when your done and are going to store it till next season, store them in a plastic bag tied off to keep out dirt, and moisture.