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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula 4L

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When you introduce the powerful beneficial fungi in Piranha to your root zone, you’ll experience many amazing benefits. First, the fungi will help expand the effective surface area of your plant roots.

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If you grew in the richest, most unpolluted outdoor soil, your root zone would swarm with beneficial microbes that live symbiotically with your plants, swelling their roots and boosting harvests. However, hydroponic growing media are devoid of these microorganisms. That’s why you need Tarantula, whose beneficial bacteria promote other beneficial rhizospheric life. They also inoculate the roots, safeguarding them by competing with and warding off harmful bacteria that can infect plants. And they even reduce tissue damage from heavy fertilizer salts. What’s more, these beneficial bacteria directly increase plant growth and yields by releasing growth and bloom co-factors and aiding chlorophyll, so your high-intensity lighting is more effective. Finally, our proprietary production process ensures longer shelf life, so you get live microbes instead of dead ones when you add it to your reservoir. As always, you’re fully protected using Tarantula by our 100% full-satisfaction Growers Guarantee.
Feed Chart Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 Week6 Week7
Tarantula Grow 2 mL/L 2 mL/L          
Tarantula Bloom 2 mL/L 2 mL/L          

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