Advanced Nutrients Big Bud, 4 L

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In the same way bodybuilders have to take in extra amino acids after a workout to bulk up on proteins the building blocks of life so too do your buds need a big amino boost. If you give them one with Big Bud , they will gain in size, mass, and potency from the rich assortment of bio-available, L-amino acids in the formulation. Of course, your plants will get the optimal amounts of phosphorous and potassium for strong flowering, but in addition to this perfectly dialed-in PK spike, they 'll get a rich spectrum of secondary metabolites, allowing them to expend less time and energy knitting together their own amino acids. Instead, your crops will be freed to channel all that energy into building bigger, heavier buds directly! Finally, the addition of L-ascorbic acid pushes your crops to peak performance while protecting them as an important antioxidant. Try Big Bud Liquid today if you want bigger, bulkier buds and because our Growers Guarantee ensures your satisfaction, you risk absolutely nothing.

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Big Bud   2 mL/L 2 mL/L 2 mL/L      
Billable Shipping Weight 10 lbs

4 Liters



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