Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish, 1 L

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If you 've ever coughed your lungs out after ˜enjoying ' your crops, plant pollution may have been the culprit! The same process plants use to grow absorbing compounds from nutrients, water and the atmosphere causes them to build up excess salts and other harsh compounds. If you don 't flush these excesses out before harvest, you compromise final quality. Instead of flushing with plain water, which starves your plants and reduces floral growth and resin, you need Flawless Finish. It uses empty chelates which are like tiny, powerful vacuum cleaners to remove excess chemical residues from your growing medium, roots and other plant tissues, including fruits and flowers. The end result is a stellar crop of plants that will be free of at least 85% of the stored materials they held before flushing. Yep, you 'll have the cleanest, sweetest yields possible. Use Flawless Finish right before your next harvest and taste the results for yourself absolutely risk-free thanks to our Growers Guarantee.

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Flawless Finish             2 mL/L
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