Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow B, 4 L

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After hundreds of man-hours, our R&D team has perfectly formulated all the primary, secondary and micro-nutrients your crops need for outstanding growth. Because these ingredients are all supplied fully or partially chelated in pH Perfect Sensi Grow some even in multiple chelated forms your plants will absorb them effortlessly. What's more, they will benefit from a wide range of amino acids to power the construction of cell walls in roots, stems and leaves. You'll also witness amazing results from the humic acids and powerful non-ionic surfactant, which form a multi-stage delivery matrix to ensure your plants absorb the powerful nutrients you're feeding them. And if that weren't enough, you can throw away your pH meters and pens forever. Our proprietary pH Perfect Technology will keep the pH in the “sweet spot” every week of the grow phase, with no measuring or tweaking.

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