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We have Country Roots coming to each of our stores to talk about the benefits of using AND creating your own living soil.

When you use a LIVING SOIL, you are using all the benefits plants have evolved to use from nature to grow and thrive. We're talking everything from bacteria and fungi to nematodes and earth worms and the complete way they live and thrive to feed your plants the essential nutrients they need. Creating your own living soils lets you understand and control your plants energy uptake the natural way - effectively and efficiently.

We also are going to be discussing the Korean Natural Farming technique. This is basically creating a living soil and using the healthy ecosystem you created while negating the need of herbicides or pesticides.

Come learn and grow with us!

May 9


5425 W. Saginaw Hwy

May 16


4606 W. Main St

May 23

Growers Outlet

7720 Clyde Park Ave SW, Byron Center

May 30

Grand Rapids

2200 Alpine Ave NW

All workshops are from 3-6 pm.