DNC Mushroom Magic All-in-One Grow Bag

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All-in-one* mushroom grow kit. This all in one, self healing bag contains perfect blend of sterilized rye grain, straw, vermiculite, coco coir, gypsum, coffee and a whole lot of magic!


For the home growers convenience, Fungi and Fungal introduces this mushroom substrate grow bag that is easier than you could have imagined. All the hard work has been taken care of by us so all you have to do is enjoy growing your own mushrooms.

All you need to do is inoculate with your mushroom culture. Let the bag colonize in a dark space for 2-6 weeks (for quicker growth we suggest around 75 degrees). After 2-3 weeks look for mycelium growth. Allow for the mycelium to spread throughout the rye grain covering the bottom of the bag. After the rye has solidified into a solid white mycelium, gently (being careful not to accidentally break the bag), crunch the growth and allow for the mycelium to spread throughout the entirety of the bag.

For fruiting, place bag upright with air patch at top of bag and keep in similar climate while alternating 12 hours of light and dark. Get ready for growth! It takes about two weeks for mushrooms to begin sprouting. Allow for mushrooms to open, and get ready to harvest. Cut the top of the bag above the air patch, pull out mushrooms that are ready, reseal using Fungi and Fungal's clip and watch more grow!

When bag begins to look a little dry and moisture is no longer visible, add a 1/4 cup of water ( we suggest distilled but not necessary), allow for the water to seep through most of the substrate and watch your mushrooms grow again! Repeat until rye substrate is used ( about 1 1/2 months) and order your next bag! We can't wait to hear about your growth!

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