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Environmental & Controls

Controlling your enclosed garden's environment is critical to your plants success. High heat and humidity in hydroponic gardens can spell trouble for your plants. Indoor plants love good ventilation. If you have an outside air intake, it will reduce your need for Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Air conditioning will help keep plants cool as well as helping remove humidity from your hydroponic system when ventilation alone won't due. Adding CO2 to your indoor garden will improve the health of your plants. Complete greenhouse controllers can monitor and maintain every aspect of your growing space. Adding fans for both intake and exhaust help keep your plants growing! H2O Purification is a way to obtain a pure water source that will help you grow great plants. Use our Odor Control products to keep the smells of your indoor garden away from your nose! When pests appear, look to our pest control products to make them disappear. Temperature and humidity can be controlled to give your plants the ideal growth environment. Control your hydroponics systems pumps and lights with a timer.

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