Geolite Clay Pebbles, 45 L

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Geolite Clay Pebbles

GEOLITE clay pebbles serve as a strong, durable and versatile media, perfect for hydroponics and many horticultural applications. Made from 100% natural Italian clay, this media is industrially produced at extremely high temperatures (2200°F/1200°C) and specially treated for a consistent EC and stable, neutral pH. It offers great aeration and drainage, ensuring success with technically one of the best growing medias for your indoor garden. Thanks to GEOLITE clay pebbles' unique structure and ability to cover a large surface area, they offer the ideal environment to foster beneficial bacterial growth around the root zone. Ideal for drip feed, deep water culture, and flood and drain systems. 45 L bag.


Stable and low-EC
High total porosity (approximately 85% by volume) provides excellent root ventilation and oxygenation to plants
Excellent draining capacity
Strong, stable and durable
Great for soil aeration and drainage
Perfect for hydroponics, hydroculture, and aquaponics
8-20 mm size

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