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Going Indoors

Keeping the bugs and pests out of your house when transitioning outdoor plants back inside is very important. It only takes a very small number of bugs to take a ride on your plant inside to infest your entire indoor garden. The best way to eliminate a bug problem is to treat it preventively. A broad spectrum insecticide should be used to treat your plants before your plants ever go inside.

This is a pesticide that works by a variety of means and also affects a wide range of pests and insects. A great example of a broad spectrum insecticide would be Azamax. That is an OMRI certified organic insecticide and it works really well. You can use it as a foliar spray to treat bugs on the leaves or any part of the plant that is above ground. If you are dealing with soil-borne bugs, Azamax can also be mixed into regular water and applied as a soil drench to flush out any pests that may be calling your plants' roots home. General Hydroponics Azamax

This product actually comes from the neem tree - the very tree that neem oil is made from. In fact, the active ingredient of Azamax is a neem oil derivative. Be sure to do an Azamax soil drench on your outdoor plants about a week before you bring your plants indoors, then a few days after the soil drench, apply a light foliar spray of the Azamax to be sure to eliminate all pests.
dyna-gro neem oil If your plants are young or are in a weakened state, you should try using Dyna-Gro Neem Oil instead of Azamax. The neem oil is a less concentrated form of Azamax, but still works well and is also organic.
Maybe you are not an outdoor grower moving plants inside again for the fall and winter. Perhaps this is the time of year you begin gardening indoors. There is a plethora of things to set up, check on and purchase to get ready for the dawn of the indoor gardening season. Here is a simple checklist of things to do when preparing to garden indoors.
  • Empty your grow room out entirely. Clean and inspect everything. Wash your walls and growing containers with a water/bleach mixture.
  • Check to see when you purchased your last bulbs. If it has been used for over 8-12 months, it is probably time to replace them to maintain optimal growth. Check out our large selection of bulbs for sale Here . Remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to bulbs. Go ahead, get a good one and see the difference!
  • Make sure you have enough growing medium to start with. Nobody wants to run to the store last minute to buy just one container of growing medium that your were short of. See all of the growing mediums we offer.
  • Are you starting from again from seeds or cuttings? Check out our online store and make sure you have everything you need to get some new plants started !

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