What are the most common grow medias to use in hydroponics?

The most popular medias to use in hydroponics are clay pebbles, rockwool, and coco fiber. Each type has its own unique benefits. We stock a variety of each type of grow media.

Does hydroponics work outdoors?

Yes, plants can grow hydroponically outdoors. With a bit of extra precaution to keep you system protected from the elements and outdoor pests, hydroponic systems can work great outside.

What are common types of hydroponic systems?

The most popular hydroponic system types are deep water culture, ebb & flow, aeroponic and passive. The difference between hydroponic systems is in how the plant and root system are supported and how the nutrient solution is delivered. In “active” hydroponic systems such as ebb & flow or aeroponics, a submersible pump will typically supply water and nutrients to the root zone, while passive systems rely on gravity or wicking.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants using an oxygenated solution of water and nutrients, without any soil. Almost any plant can be grown in a hydroponic style and plants grown this way can even grow faster and larger than their counterparts grown in soil!

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