Growers United

Directions to Lansing


We are growers. The green-thumb hustlers who know the art of creation. Our aching backs bent but unbroken. Our overworked minds cluttered but clear. Our positive vibes battered but soaring. Some of us came before. Some of us came after. One thing is for certain, we are THE GROWERS and WE ARE UNITED!

We are bringing back the GROWERS UNITED to our LANSING location on MAY 7! We’re hosting a whole slew of Expert Industry Vendors who also are bringing a whole slew of samples, swag and, above all, KNOWLEDGE.

On top of our cohort of grow expertise, we also are going to be featuring 30% OFF the whole store and the WEBSITE (some exceptions apply) as well as a few other enticing deals! Furthermore, every purchase comes with one of our unique FREE T-SHIRTS you are guaranteed to fit into your repertoire!

We also are going to be bringing in a sweet, locally-owned FOOD TRUCK as well as having refreshments on hand, music a blasting and the general good vibes always present at Horizen Hydroponics!

Also be sure to check with the store on our SEED GIVEAWAY plus a special gift for our the GROW MOMS out there for Mother’s Day weekend! We cannot wait to see you!

Directions to Lansing


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