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House & Garden MultiZen is an extremely useful growth stimulator. MultiZen accelerates and simplifies the growth process and strengthens the plant's immunity. The enzymes convert the nutrient into ready-to-use bits making it easy to assimilate by the plant.

MultiZen is a collective term for a wide range of useful enzymes, which are very important for plant processes and processes in the plant environment. They are small catalysts that trigger these processes and keep them running. There are enzymes that help to convert the plant's nutrients, other strengthen its immune system, and even others help to dispose off residuals in the substrate.

Use MultiZen during the first three weeks of flower. Contrary to what you might have heard with other nutrients, never use an oxygen pump in the nutrient container or in the growth table. This may have serious consequences for the stability of the nutrients.

Dosage: 3.8ml per gallon of nutrient solution

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