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House & Garden Drip Clean 250ml

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House & Garden Drip Clean is an extremely useful agent for anyone working with a drip or aeroponic system.

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House & Garden Drip Clean is an extremely useful agent for anyone working with a drip or aeroponic system. Drip Clean works like a magnet, removing dirt particles at every nutrient feeding so that the piping remains clean. Drip Clean furthermore gives plants a boost, improving their greenness and vitality.

Drip Clean is a 100% safe agent for your plants provided it is used in the correct proportion. Drip Clean contains potassium and phosphorus compounds, two very powerful and useful elements in the nutritional plan of the plant. These concern engineered compounds; one particle has been removed from their structure. The incomplete element thus works as a magnet. As molecules always seek a complete structure, Drip Clean attracts dirt particles with every nutrient feeding keeping the drip emitters or aeroponic misters squeaky clean. Drip Clean very fails and is a very effective agent against a clogged hydroponic system.

Drip Clean can be added to the nutrient container during the entire life of the garden. Prepare your nutrient container as follows: First add the base nutrient to your water filled container. Adjust the EC- and pH-values of the nutrient container. Finally add Drip Clean at 0.4 ml per gallon to your. Your nutrient mixture is ready to use.

Contrary to what you might have heard with other nutrients, never use an oxygen pump in the nutrient container or in the growth table. This may have serious consequences for the stability of the nutrients.

Notice: Drip Clean is a preventive agent and should be added from the very first day of growth. Drip Clean will not work with a drip system that is already clogged.

Drip Clean MSDS

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