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Hydroponics in Education

Grow your students learning with hydroponics!

Show growth, gain project based learning for your students!

Growing indoors is a perfect way to show your students the power of hydroponics as you unlock the mysteries of photosynthesis and explain how food is grown, how flowers are made, and how we harness these lessons to create food!

“Hydroponics” literally means “water works”. It is a method of growing plants in a water/nutrient-rich solution, without soil. Although in theory any plant could be grown hydroponically, in practice hydroponic gardening is usually reserved for exotic plants and flowers, or for “greenhouse” style vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons and culinary herbs.

Hydroponics also has an important place in the classroom. Experimenting with hydroponics helps students better understand how plants grow. For example, by withholding certain nutrients from the hydroponic solution, students can observe firsthand how plant growth is affected, then take steps to correct the deficiencies. Other experiments can be done with water quality, lighting, temperature and humidity control, and even carbon dioxide levels. In short, a hydroponic garden is a practical way for any school to set up an excellent botany lab in a controlled environment.

Horizen Hydroponics has expierence in schools, from setting up systems, to assiting in the selection of a properly sized system for your classroom. Our expierence in schools systems is almost as long as our companies. Of course our experts have travel restrictions, but our knowledge is free flowing, meaning we can assist over the phone or by email.

Are you an educator looking to teach life sciences? Contact us if you are interested in learning more! We will help you get started.