Cloning Time

Plant propagation or “cloning” is a vital skill that all gardeners can use to multiply their plants. Placing a small cutting from a plant into aerated water will cause roots to form after a week or two. Plants propagated this way are genetically identical to plant from which the cutting was taken. By using this technique, gardeners can make many copies of their favorite plant varieties which can save some serious money and time.

To clone your favorite plant, follow these basic steps:

First gather necessary supplies: scalpel or clean razor blade, rooting hormone, rooting medium (a hydroponic cloning machine, Grodan, or rooting plug in a tray and dome), a healthy plant to take cuttings from and water.

Next, use the scalpel to take a 6-8” cutting from a lower branch that looks healthy and has several nodes. Cut the stem at a 45 degree angle and place the end of the cutting directly into a couple inches of water to prevent air from entering the stem.

After you have several cuttings, dip them one at a time into cloning hormone and the insert into the cloning medium. For hydroponic cloning, add some cloning hormone into the water solution in the system. Then, insert cuttings into neoprene puck and place in cloning machine lid. With Grodan or rooting plugs, dip the cutting into rooting hormone gel and then insert the end of the cutting into the plug or Grodan block.

Finally, place your cuttings into a well-lit and warm area or your grow room and allow 7-14 days for roots to form. Rooted cuttings may be transplanted into hydroponic systems or into any soil and coco mediums.

Take a look at the videos below for some more information regarding hydroponic cloning machines.