Mad Farmer Detox, 1 Qt

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Mad Farmer’s Detox is a flush solution specifically formulated to dissolve and remove excess salts that build up over time with the regular use of fertilizer. Detox eliminates toxic salts that accumulate in hydroponic systems, potting soils, coco coir and other growing media.

Directions For Use:
The Mad Farmer Detox Flush Solution is compatible with all mediums and growing methods. Use Detox as a periodic and pre-harvest flush to remove nutrient and fertilizer salts that may have accumulated. Shake well before use.

Hydroponics, Coco & Soil Applications

Use 5ml (1tsp) per gallon of pure water, adjust pH and run system for one to two hours.

Soil / Coco:
Use 5ml (1tsp) per gallon of pure water, adjust pH and drench until solution drains out of the bottom of container.

Pre-Harvest / Final Flush:
Use 5-10ml (1-2tsp) per gallon of pure water, adjust pH and use for 7 to 10 days before harvest.

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