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With the goal of supporting a stress-free and high performance grow, Niwa has developed powerful software that enables you to automate your setup in a very simple way- just plug your existing devices (lamps, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, A/C, pumps, or heaters) to the Niwa Grow Hub. Next, load a custom Grow Recipe and the Grow Hub will keep everything under control.

Pick one of our existing Niwa grow recipes or create one yourself. Temperature, humidity, watering and light schedules are completely customizable, so you will have complete control over your environment.

Logging & measuring the different parameters affecting your crop is fundamental in order to achieve maximum performance. The Niwa Grow Hub app has a built-in data logger accessible anywhere and anytime.

Your Niwa Grow Hub is permanently connected to Wi-Fi, so check the current status of your garden by glancing at your live dashboard any time of day in a secure way.


Stop the guesswork and view accurate temperature and humidity levels to make sure your plants survive and thrive!


Plug in any grow light and create all the necessary light schedules you want for your plants.


Manage your different water cycles and make sure your plants are never thirsty!

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