Plantation Temptation Wrap-N-Grow Kit

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Why take your cuttings off your plants when you can use the Wrap-N-Grow from Plantation Temptation. The Wrap-N-Grow allows growers to use the air layering technique to propagate plants. Using the Wrap-N-Grow to propagate plants will allow you to keep your plant counts down. Simple and Easy to use, just follow these steps;

Step 1) Scrap away a section of the cambium layer of the branch you wish to grow roots on.

Step 2) Apply a rooting hormone to the wound.

Step 3) Insert neoprenes, and rockwool into the Wrap-N-Grow housing. (rookwool should be presoaked in a 5.5 pH solution for an hour prior to use)

Step 4) Clamp Wrap-N-Grow on to branch, make sure that the rockwool plug is covering the wound.

Step 5) Wait for roots. (Rooting time varies by plant type and variety)

Step 6) Remove cutting from mother / donor plant and pot in it's new container!

Wrap-N-Grow kit comes with 2 – Wrap-N-Grow housings, 4 – 1 5/8″ neoprenes, and 2 – Grodan Macro Rockwool plugs.

HDPE recyclable plastic, Dishwasher safe. Test

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