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Schedules, Instructions & Manuals

Nutrient and Fertilizer Feeding Schedules

Age Old Organics

Aurora Innovations

Master Feeding Schedule
Master Soul Feeding Schedule
Roots Organic Feeding Schedule
Soul Synthetics Feeding Schedule


B'cuzz Bio-NRG Nutrients




BIOCANNA feeding chart
Canna Aqua basic feeding chart
Canna Coco basic feeding chart
Canna Substra basic feeding chart
Canna Terra basic feeding chart

Connoisseur - Light
Connoisseur - Medium
Connoisseur - Heavy


Cutting Edge Solutions

Cyco Hydroponic

Cyco Soil

Dutch Master Gold


Fox Farm Hydroponics

Fox Farm Soil

Earth Juice Nutrients

General Hydroponics:

FloraDuo Drain To Waste
FloraDuo Recirculating Feed Chart
FloraNova Drain to Waste Feed Chart
FloraNova Recirculating Feed Chart
Flora Series Drain to Waste
Flora Series Recirculating
SubCulture Chart.
Maxi Series
General Organics Feed Chart
General Hydroponics pH Down MSDS
General Hydroponics pH Down Sell Sheet



Hesi Hydro Feed Chart
Hesi Coco Feed Chart
Hesi Soil Feed Chart

Horizen Hydroponics:

Go Underground Potato Irrigation Kit

House and Garden Nutrients:

Soil Feeding Chart

Aqua Flakes & Cocos A/B Feeding Chart

1 Component Soil & Bio 1 Component Soil Feeding Charts

Official Deep Water Culture Feed Chart

Humboldt Nutrients:

Hydro Feeding Charts
8 week HYDRO feeding chart
9 week HYDRO feeding chart
10 week HYDRO feeding chart

Organic Feeding Charts
8 week ORGANIC feeding chart
9 week ORGANIC feeding chart
10 week ORGANIC feeding chart

Master A & B Feeding Charts
8 week MASTER A & B LIGHT feeding chart
8-week MASTER A & B MODERATE feeding chart

Oneness Hydro Feeding Charts
8-week Oneness Hydro feeding chart
9-week Oneness Hydro feeding chart
10-week Oneness Hydro feeding chart

Oneness Soil Feeding Charts
8-week Oneness Soil feeding chart
9-week Oneness Soil feeding chart
10-week Oneness Soil feeding chart

Hydrodynamics International

Nature's Nectar

Nectar for the Gods

Organa Add / Organa Guano

Ralph's Application Chart

Supernatural Feeding Chart

Technaflora Mixing Chart

TriFlex Feeding Schedule

Hydroponic Equipment Instructions and Manuals


ActiveAir Blowers
EcoPlus In-line Duct Booster Blower
Ecoplus Water Chiller
Eliminator Reverse Osmosis by SpectraPure
Fantech FX & FG Fans
Grodan plant propagation instructions
Hydrofarm CO2 Injection Kit
Hydrogen Water Cooled CO2 generator
PRO PUMP In-line reservoir pump
Uvonair 1000 / 3000 / 5000
Uvonair CD-800 / CD-1000 / CD-1200

Growroom Enclosures:

BC Northern Lights Bloombox
Clonebox by Homebox
GrowLab GL80
Homebox (original size)
Homebox Small
Homebox XS
Homebox XL
Homebox Growers Packages
Secret Jardin (DarkStreet, Darkroom) Rev 2.5


BlueLab manuals:

Bluelab Combo Meter
Bluelab pH Meter
Bluelab Truncheon manual


C.A.P. equipment manuals:

AIR-1 atmosphere controller
AIR-2 atmosphere controller
AIR-3 Atmosphere / CO2 Controller
AIR-3DN Day/Night Temperature & CO2 Control
AIR-4 Atmosphere / CO2 Controller
ART-2 & 3 Adjustable Recycling Timer
ART-DNe Adjustable Recycling Timer
CGC-1e Complete Greenhouse Controller
CO2-2e Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Control
CO2-4e Temperature, Humidity & CO2 Control
GEN-1 CO2 Generator
GEN-1e CO2 Generator
GEN-2 CO2 Generator
GEN-2e CO2 Generator
HLC-1e HID Lighting Controller
HLC-3e HID Lighting Controller
HPR-1 / High Power Relay
HUM-1 Humidity Controller
MLC-16 & MLC-16a Master Lighting Controllers
MLC-4T & 4aT Master Lighting Controllers
MLC-8 & 8a Master Lighting Controllers
MLC-8T & 8aT Master Lighting Controllers
NFT-1e & 2e Non-Adjustable Recycling Timer
PPM-1c / Part Per Million CO2 Monitor
PPM-2a / Fuzzy Logic CO2 Controller
PPM-3 / Part Per Million CO2 Monitor
PTC-1 & 2 Photocontrollers
REG-1 CO2 Regulator/Valve Assembly
REG-2 Dual CO2 Tank Regulator
TMP-1 Cooling Thermostat
TMP-DNe Day/Night Temperature Controller
XGC-1 Xtreme Greenhouse Controller


Green Air equipment manuals:

CD-36 Carbon Dioxide Generators
CDMC-6 CO2 Controller
CST-1 & CST-1 P Sequence Timers
CT-DH-3(P) Cooling Thermostat/Humidistat
Cyclestat-4P Repeat Cycle Timer
LT4 / LT8 High Load Lighting Timers
MCC-1 Microclimate Controller
SPC-1 CO2 Set Point Controller
Telaire 7001
Temp H/C(R) Temperature Controller
THC-1 Total Humidity Controller


Hanna Instruments equipment manuals:

HI-98103 Checker 1
HI-98106 Champ pH Tester
HI 98107 PHEP pH pocket Meter
HI 98127 / HI 98128 pH / Temp Meters
HI 98129 - HI 98130 EC/TDS, pH & Temp Meter
HI 9813/HI 9813-5/HI 9813-6 Portable Meters
HI 981401N pH GroChek Meter
HI 981404N / HI 981405N GroChek Combo
HI 981408 pH GroChek Stick Meter
HI 98300 DiST 1 Conductivity TDS Meter
HI 98311 DiST 5 EC/TDS & Temperature Meter
HI 983301N TDS GroChek Meter
HI 991404 - HI 991405 GroChek Combo Meter


Milwaukee equipment instruction manuals:

pH51 Waterproof pH-meter
SM100 portable pH Meter
SM801 / SM802 portable pH/EC/TDS Meters
T75 / T76 Waterproof TDS meters


Sentinel equipment instruction manuals:

CHHC-1 Cooling-Heating-Humidity-CO2 Controller
CO2-EXP CO2 Expansion Regulator
CO2-REG CO2 Regulator
COOL-1 Cooling Thermostat
CPPM-1 CO2 PPM Controller
CTC-1 CO2 & Temperature Controller
DRT-1 Digital Recycling Timer
EVC-1 Environmental Controller
EVC-2 Environmental Controller
MDT-1 Master Digital Timer
PXM-1 & 2 Power Expansion Module
UTC-1 Universal Temperature Controller
VCG-6 Variable CO2 Generator
VCG-27 Variable CO2 Generator


AeroFlo² 18
AeroFlo² 20
AeroFlo² 30
AeroFlo² 36
AeroFlo² 60
AeroFlo² 60 expansion module
Baby Bloomer
Big Foot
Ebb & Gro
Econo Tray Systems
Emily's Garden
EZ-Clone 30 / 60 / 120
Home Garden
Merlin Point-of-use Reverse Osmosis
PowerGrower 8-Pack
PowerGrower Eco
RainForst 36
RainForest 66, 236, 318
WaterFarm Controller
WaterFarm 8-Pack Circulation Upgrade Kit


All System Cordset
Cool Tube reflectors
Eye Hortilux Blue MH bulb 250 tech
Eye Hortilux Blue MH bulb 400 tech
Eye Hortilux Blue MH bulb 1000 tech
Eye Hortilux Metal Ace MH bulb 250 tech
Eye Hortilux Metal Ace MH bulb 400 tech
Eye Hortilux Super HPS bulb 400 tech
Eye Hortilux Super HPS bulb 430 tech
Eye Hortilux Super HPS bulb 600 tech
Eye Hortilux Super HPS bulb 1000 tech
Eye Hortilux Ultra Ace HPS bulb 400 tech
Eye Hortilux Ultra Ace HPS bulb 1000 tech
Hydrofarm Light Track
Hydrofarm Phantom Ballasts
Hydrofarm Pro reflector
Hydrofarm Xtrasun Parabolic Reflector
Infinity Ballast
Jump Start Fluorescent Grow Light System
Lightrail 3.5 Light Mover
Light Rail uses
Solar Revolution Light Mover
SunBrite Socket
Vertical Reflector, Hydrofarm

Sunelaves, Durabreeze, Elemental

Sunleaves ArticSun reflector
Sunleaves Nova fluorescents
Sunspot & Sunspot 6 reflectors
Sunleaves Sunspot PNP
Sunleaves Luma 2.0 Ballast
Sunleaves Pioneer fluorescents
Sunleaves Pioneer Jr. fluorescents
Sunleaves Optilume High Pressure Sodium Sell Sheet
Sunleaves Optilume Metal Halide Sell Sheet
Sunleaves Pulsar Mini Two Way
Sunleaves Reflector Comparison
Garden Of Ease
Sunleaves Hygro-Thermometer
Sunleaves Windtunnel Exhaust Fans
Sunleaves Windtunnel Sell Sheet
Sunleaves Worm Farm
Sunleaves Sun Dial Timer Instructions
Sunleaves TDS Expert Plus
Sunleaves Black and White Poly
Durabreeze Inline Fans
DuraDuct Inline Fans
DuraDuct 6" Clip on Fan


Sunlight Supply:

Sunlight Supply HardCore 600W Specs
Sunlight Supply HardCore 600W Technical Guide
Sunlight Supply HardCore 1000W Specs
Sunlight Supply HardCore 1000W Technical GuideGalaxy Ballasts


Doktor Doom Fogger instructions
Nutramist Garden Set up
Rainddrip Watering Guide
Odor Sok Maintenance