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  • CO2 Tank Exchange


    Horizen Hydroponics has the best prices on CO2 around! Bring your own tank or buy one of ours to enjoy the perks of our tank exchange program.

    CO2 tank refills have gone the way of the dinosaur. No CO2 dealer will fill one tank when they can spend their time filling hundreds. So unfortunately, if you have a shiny new tank you are going to have to exchange it. Sorry, but that is just the way it works today. We fill all tank sizes daily to always have tanks on-hand so you’ll never have to worry about your plants not getting the gas they need.

    *Date Test: All CO2 tanks must be pressure tested every 5 years. If you bring your own tank that requires this test, we will charge $30 and exchange your tank with one of ours that is within date. Tanks which have already been in the exchange program do not incur this charge.

    New Tank Prices

    • 20 lb Tank - $160.00
    • 35 lb Tank - $275.00
    • 50 lb Tank - $400.00

    CO2 Refill Prices

    • 20 lb - $10.00
    • 35 lb - $15.00
    • 50 lb - $20.00
    Horizen Hydroponics CO2 Tank Exchange