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Illuminate any grow space with these durable light stands and motorized light movers. Light stands are perfect for hanging a single lamp where otherwise impossible! Light movers such as the Light Rail 4.0 increase the coverage area of your lighting by moving the fixture back and forth along a track. Whatever your application, Horizen Hydroponics has the best in reliable grow room gear! Free shipping on orders over $250!

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  1. Light Rail 3.5 / 4 Add-A-Lamp Hardware

    Hardware to install Light Rail Add-A-Lamp. Kit includes four 3/8" hex nuts, 12 screws, trolley and cord tie. Learn More
    $21.95 Price:
  2. Light Rail 5 Auxiliary Rail, 4'

    Gardeners can extend the reach of their Light Rail 5 system with this four-foot extension rail. Kit contains a Light Rail 5 rail, mounting hardware and instructions. Learn More
    $69.99 Price:
  3. Light Rail 4, Adjusta Drive Motor, 6-10 RPM

    The Light Rail 4 Adjusta Drive Motor is also compatible with all Light Rail 3 and 3.5 rails and accessory items. It includes a six to 10 revolutions per minute motor, hardware and instructions. Product includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Learn More
    $219.99 Price:
  4. Light Rail 4.0 Adjust-A-Drive Complete

    The LightRail 4 AdjustaDrive is the ultimate in light mover control. It features a zero to 60 second adjustable time delay for promoting even growth from end to end, and an adjustable speed control of two- to four-feet per minute that accommodates a wide range of lamp intensities and travel distances. The kit includes an easy to assemble six-foot rail, drive motor, mounting hardware and instructions. LightRail 4 is also compatible with all LightRail 3 and 3.5 rails and accessory items. The motor is also available as a stand alone product without the rail, and includes a six to 10 revolutions per minute motor, hardware and instructions. Product includes a two-year warranty. Learn More
    $269.99 Price:
  5. Light Rail 3.5 Extender Rail, 3'

    The 3' Light Rail Extension may be added to the 6' Light Rail or the 9' Light Rail. When added to the 9' Light Rail, the extension can carry an extra trolley and lamp as with the add-a-lamp kit. Learn More
    $12.95 Price:
  6. Light Rail 3.5 Replacement 6' Rail

    This 6' metal Light Rail Track is a replacement for the Light Rail 3.5. The track allows fluid movement of Light Rail Intelli Drive Motors (sold separately). Learn More
    $25.95 Price:
  7. Light Rail 3.5 / 4 Replacement Trolley Wheel Kit

    This Replacement Wheel Kit for the Light Rail Trolley includes four wheels and screws. Compatible with the Light Rail 3.0 and 3.5. Learn More
    $6.99 Price:
  8. Light Rail 3.5 / 4 Auxliary Trolley Only

    Non-motorized trolley for Light Rail systems. Learn More
    $20.00 Price:
  9. Light Rail 3.5 / 4 RoboStik Lamp Stabilizer

    For use with the Light Rail 3.5 and 4, Robo Stik positions, balances and stabilizes lights for increased safety. Comes with all necessary hardware for attachment to the Light Rail 3.5 or 4. Learn More
    $26.00 Price:
  10. Light Rail 5 Motor, 4 RPM

    This replacement Light Rail 5 Motor replaces the mechanism inside the Light Rail 5 Trolley. Learn More
    $319.99 Price:

10 Item(s)

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