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  1. General Hydroponics pH Test Kit

    The pH Test Kit is a liquid tester which covers a pH range of 4.0 - 8.5. Includes sampling tube, reagent, and color comparison card. Learn More
    $6.75 Price:
  2. HM Digital Waterproof pH Meter

    The HM Digital Waterproof pH Meter is ideal for all pH testing, water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics and more. Learn More
    $69.99 Price:
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    HM Digital pH HydroTester

    HM Digital pH HydroTester

    Offer ends 5/1. Learn More

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  4. Bluelab Pro Controller Connect (SO Only)

    Perfect for hobby to large-scale growers, the Bluelab® Pro Controller™ Connect is the simple solution for automatic feeding systems. Learn More
    $880.00 Price:
  5. HM Digital HydroMaster HM-500

    The HM Digital HydroMaster HM-500 monitors pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature with very high accuracy. Learn More
    $325.00 Price:
  6. Bluelab Soil pH Pen

    Bluelab Soil pH Pen measures pH and temperature (°F and °C) to ensure proper nutrient uptake from nutrient solutions and soil. Learn More
    $167.00 Price:
  7. Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    The Bluelab Guardian is a constant indicator of the desired levels of EC, pH and temperature, allowing these parameters to be optimized as the crop progresses through each growing phase. Learn More
    $328.00 Price:
  8. Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect

    The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is not only a constant indicator of pH, conductivity and temperature of nutrient solutions, it also data logs these critical parameters to the computer. Learn More
    $449.00 Price:
  9. Bluelab ppm Pen

    The Bluelab ppm Pen measures conductivity and temperature and is a great way to ensure plants are receiving the proper amounts of nutrients. Learn More
    $85.00 Price:
  10. Bluelab pH Pen

    The Bluelab pH Pen is a handy option for hobby and small scale hydroponic growers. Learn More
    $100.00 Price:

Showing 1 - 10 of 17 results

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