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Zen Products Big Bhang is a dry amendment bud booster growers have been waiting for.

Made by Michigan growers for growers around the world, Big Bhang delivers the most powerful nutrients for explosive flower growth. Sourced from the oldest known elements on earth, Big Bhang gives your plants that extra nutrition required to add that extra bulk, weight and sticky ickyness! Big Bhang will not only increase your yield abut also help to give your flower those intense flavors you want.

Grab some Big Bhang today and give your flowers the boost they need!

Use in the last 3 weeks of flower.

NPK: 0-32-28

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4 reviews for ZEN PRODUCTS Big Bhang, 1 lb

  1. Hydromama

    It really gave my plants a Bang!! I used it in my soil grown plants with UNO a start to finish dry nutrient, same brand. It has saved me so much time and the results were great!! Really added weight to my product which I’m so happy to have increased my yield with little cost.

  2. Cody

    Next level pk booster. Brought out some great flavors. Great product to “make your buds bigger”

  3. josh

    My outdoor is Bhanging!

  4. Tina

    I was recommended this for my flowering houseplants. My bird of paradise loves it!

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