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Buddha's Bag Basic is designed to allow growers to make compost tea quickly, efficiently with the least amount of hassle! Made with premium ingredients right in West Michigan, Buddha's Bag can be simply dropped in a bucket with an air stone and within 24 hours the tea is ready to be applied to your plants. Feed your grow in the most natural way with Buddha's Bag.

Get Basic, Grow and Bloom to cover all your growing cycles!

Each bag is sized for a 5-50 gallon brewer. Add 5 mL of Zen Products Molashish or molasses for every 5 gallons after the first 5 gallons.

Tea can be directly watered on the plant or added to the reservoir if being used as a stand alone way of feeding your plants. Tea can be diluted to an 16:1 ratio (ie. 1 cup of Tea in one gallon of water) for smaller plants.

The most basic method of making tea is in a 5-gal bucket with an air stone. Place the bag in dechlorinated water and bubble for 24-36 hrs. Tea will be most active for the next 24-36 hrs. Can be used in continuous brewing for up to 1 week.

Apply weekly.

Ingredients: Worm Casting, Forest Humus, Bird Guano, Humic Acid, Alfalfa, Kelp, Sugar

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