ZEN PRODUCTS EZ*ZENtials A, 25 lbs

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Zen Products EZ-ZENtials Base A is the first step to awesomeness!

The EZ-ZENtials two-part dry fertilizer bases are scientifically designed to ensure your grow gets the feedings it needs. Made by growers for growers, EZ-ZENtials was designed to make grows successful and efficient. Sourced from the oldest known elements on the planet, the EZ-ZENtials dry fertilizers are packed full of micro and macro nutrients giving your plants the precise nutrients for success.

EZ-ZENtials Base A and B are specifically formulated for ease-of-use as well as for versatility. EZ-ZENtials will free up time for other grow room duties and give you the ability to narrow in the scope of your feedings. From veg to bloom, EZ-ZENtials will help make your grow more healthy and robust.

NPK: 15-0-12

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