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Our 12-site Zen Cloner was built to meet the demand. Customers have long known of the benefits and ease of using aeroponic cloners.

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ZEN PRODUCTS has spared no expense in putting together this amazing 12-site unit. This may look like a tiny, low budget unit, but don’t say that to it’s face. Using the right amount of water to keep the pump cool; the Zen cloner works, every time!

Kit Contains:
1 Clone Bucket
1 12-site Clone lid
Water Pump
Aeroponic Mist Sprayer Manifold
12 2″ Zen Products Neo Pots
24 assorted colored neoprenes

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4 reviews for ZEN PRODUCTS 12-Site Cloner Pro

  1. Hydromama

    I was thinking about making my own, but for the cost of this one, I went for it. Works great! The plastic collar that holds the neoprene is awesome, it is not a net pot so I didn’t have to cut my roots out of it. This picture doesn’t show it, but it came with colored neoprene which was awesome for identifying my different strains. It came with a 250 gph pump, manifold with 5 sprayers. I just carried the whole bucket outside and transplanted right from cloner and they are happy!

  2. Cody

    Great cloner! Roots in less then a week!!

  3. kingecco

    Won this cloner from going to the growing classes back in March and April and man has this put out some of the healthiest clones that I have ever produced. The team at Horizen hydroponics puts everything that you need mostly to get started with this pro edition cloner! gladly would recommend to any home grower new or veteran.

  4. ferndoc

    this cloner is great! quick roots every time, most consistent I have seen!!!!

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