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Zen Products UNO is the start-to-finish dry amendment your grow has been needing!

UNO is the latest and greatest full-run grow nutrient from Zen Products. Made by Michigan growers for growers around the globe, UNO is designed to make feeding your plants quick and easy. Uno packs the punch for your garden from the beginning to the end. Formulated to make your veg flush and full as well as making your flowers weighty and dense, UNO is full of all the macro and micro nutrients you need to make your garden productive and powerful.

Grab some UNO today and make your gardening experience not only better but simpler as well

NPK: 9-6-15

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3 reviews for ZEN PRODUCTS UNO, 1 lb

  1. Hydromama

    I was sceptical but it really worked for me in my soil grown plants. Super easy to use, scoop was included. I also bought the Big Bhang to really push my flower at the end. Time is money & it really cut down the time it takes me to feed all my plants and I was really impressed with the results!

  2. ferndoc

    this stuff is no joke, crucial elements required for all plant growth and development in one bottle, this stuff makes life easy for the busy gardener. works on everything! safe and effective as well as efficient and inexpensive!! THANKS ZEN

  3. Tame Tiger

    Super easy to use one bottle for it all. This is the highlander of fertilizer. If you don’t get that reference watch an 80’s movie… lol. So simple, such large plants!

    • Rob M

      There can be only one!

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