ZEN PRODUCTS Serenity Refill, 1 gal

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Zen Products Serenity Refill. Zen Products Serenity neutralizes odors from smoke, food, sanitation and decomposition in any space. Serenity does not mask odors, it eliminates them unlike inferior products. Serenity creates a clean smelling environment once odors are eliminated. Serenity is biodegradable and allergy tested.

Once your Serenity is half empty (or half full. You decide) add Serenity Refill to near top of jar. Allow 15- 20 minutes for resaturation and your Serenity is good to go! Stir if you want but it's not necissary.

Made from all natural ingredients,
Serenity Refill is safe around the house in a spray bottle to remove pet odors in carpets and fabrics. (Test small spot of carpet or fabric in corner prior to attempting to clean stain).

Serenity Refill is not a concentrate, do not add water or add to water. Use as is.

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